Advanced Training Techniques, Incorporated began with one vision to make high quality personal training affordable to everyone in Michigan!

All too often we, as a society, became too quick to "lean" on the "crutches" of pain killers, blood medications, supplements, fat burners, and bad advice without even giving the body a fighting chance with lifestyle changes and proper body signaling.

Utilizing our techniques, it continues to be shown that increasing your internal awareness leads to a healthy, more energetic, proportional, and issue-free body. Since we rely very little on external methods (that is correct, we really don't even use much equipment!), fitness becomes an idea that you can custom fit to the being, and take with you anywhere. It is on these premises that we are founded, and continue to service any and all places we visit.

With the Baby-Boomers aging, nutrition declining, and the birth of the techno-revolution we need to face the reality that Michigan has a large percentage in need of training assistance, and yet unable to fill that need with quality, affordable, and convenient training services.

Whether the goal is to change your attitude, your physique, or your routine, or to recover from and injury and/or prevent one in later life, everyone can benefit from the services we offer.

The Mission

Personal wellness is a journey in which all of us need assistance. In times of extreme financial demand we are reminded that there are many who are of greater need and lesser means. Advanced Training Techniques, Inc. has accepted the challenge to provide services for those who demonstrate both the needs of service and the desire to change, regardless of their financial situation. Through our passion we strive to provide service where it is most needed and most impactual.
Our staff is available to Skype you, right from the comfort of your own home. You get the same professional care without having to leave your computer! Click for more information.
ATTI is proud to be the official fitness provider for the Detroit Mechanix of the AUDL!
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