Fitness is more than just being thin or looking good

Many people approach fitness full-bore while having unhealthy expectations. Phrases like “no pain, no gain” are misconceptions about fitness that are counterproductive.

I am a personal trainer who sees things differently.

Fitness is not a destination. It’s a journey. To be successful, you must take ownership of your body. You need to understand where you are to know if your goals are realistic. There are no quick fixes. Radical changes are not always possible and what’s more, they can even be unhealthy.

At Advanced Training Techniques, we define fitness as the body’s ability to return to a normal state after abnormal stress is applied. Fitness applies to all aspects of the body, and it isn’t achieved just by being thin or looking good.

I invite you to join us as we dispel the myths of fitness and define what it really takes to reach your body’s potential. If you want to come along for the ride, we will be happy to show you how.