Six things you can do to prevent workout injuries

Once you have started working out regularly, the last thing you need is to be sidelined with an injury. Once injured, many people never get back to their regular routine.

Working to prevent injury in the first place helps. We can’t promise you’ll never get hurt, but these six points will help decrease your risk:

1. Layer your clothing. When you start a workout, keep your body warm until your internal temperature comes up, then eliminate layers as needed.

2. Start slowly. Don’t just jump right in at full speed. Start slowly and work up gradually.

3. Stay well hydrated.  Many people don’t realize that you should sip water continuously throughout the day – every day – not just before and after working out.

4. Watch your form. Pay attention to the position of your body as you work out. If your stance changes when you are walking or running, it’s time to stop. Don’t continue if you find yourself using your whole body to lift, rather than the intended muscle.

5. Don’t push through pain. If something hurts, stop.

6. Make sure you allow time to rest and repair. You need to rest the body to repair muscles after intense activity. One day on, and one day off is a good rule of thumb.