Since I started working out at Advanced Training, I have wanted to write a testimonial; I just couldn’t figure out what to say. Then today, nearly three years after I began my fitness journey, I actually used my abs. In fact, (I can’t believe I now know this) it was my transverse abs. Here’s how it happened: I was sitting on the bench of our boat with my feet in the well of the cockpit as we were docking. I had to turn to quickly grab the dock line and hold it tight enough to stop the boat so it wouldn’t hit the pier. As I pulled, I felt the muscles fire. I was able to hold the line and – most surprising -- did not injure myself. What’s more, my back was not involved. Not bad for a 60-year-old woman who never had any patience for exercise, had absolutely no interest in playing sports and didn’t understand in 1982 that she needed to reclaim her abdominal muscles following a C-section. If not for Brent and Tara, I would not have been able to keep the boat from slamming into the pier. If it had been damaged, I am quite sure, my husband would have filed for divorce – or more likely, killed me outright. So thanks, Advanced Training team, you have saved my marriage – and probably my life.

Sheila Young Tomkowiak
Grosse Pointe
Hello ATTI crew! Just wanted to get in touch to say thank you for a great weekend!!!!! It was so nice to get to know you each a little better and spend some time experiencing the magic of your craft through ATTI. I feel so fortunate to have made all of your acquaintances through the Detroit Mechanix finding their home at Ultimate. Your dynamic attitude toward what you do is refreshing and inspiring.

Hope you all have a great week. :)

Amy Janczarek
Ultimate Soccer Arenas
Just wanted to thank you for your support of VillageFest and our Downtown Grosse Pointe events. We broke all attendance records with over 18,000 on hand for the two days of the event. I hope it was as beneficial to Advanced Training Techniques as it was to the community that we serve.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you on future events!

John Denomme
Grosse Pointe Village Association
When I came to ATTI, I really didn't know what to expect. The training was different than anything I'd ever been put through, and as a collegiate athlete I think I can say I've been through a significant amount. I was looking to change up the pace, make something new of myself, and completely reinvent my off-ice training; that's exactly what I got. The difference in the way my body feels now compared to day one is astronomical.

Perhaps the most significant change I've noticed, however, is in my mental attitude. Training at ATTI has produced a more hungry, focused, determined, and confident Rob Liddell. I can truly say that these people are like my family. They have seen me laugh, cry, bleed, and sweat through the last four months of my life and have been my backbone all the way through.

Training at ATTI is a life-changing experience. Whatever your goal, whatever your dream, this is THE place to do it. My decision to train at ATTI was one of the best ones I've made in my short life, and I'm so grateful to everyone for their care and support.

Robert Liddell
Eastern Michigan University Men's Ice Hockey
Exercise is not new to us. I, BettyAnne, have exercised at home four days weekly for an hour session for years. My Husband, Ray, had been a daily walker plus water aerobics classes we attended weekly. At the same time we had monthly sessions with a very much respected chiropractor who administered to us what we called our monthly “tune up”. With all this activity, we felt quite good but made the decision to join together an exercise class three times weekly at Beaumont.

But then, perhaps with aging, we started experiencing some discomfort-Ray with night cramps, numbness in fingers and sever pain on the bottom of his feet. I became quite uncomfortable with spasms in an area in my back which were not new to me but had become almost constant.

Our daughter, Sharon Fromm, had received incredible relief from the staff at Advanced Training Techniques after she had a serious fall and suffered several injuries. I suggested to Ray we have a meeting with Brent which proved to be very interesting. We found him not only very personable, but knowledgeable as well.

We started classes immediately and have found them extremely helpful. I am happy and appreciative to say, we have had our discomforts almost completely eliminated. Not only that, but each and every one of the staff are not only knowledgeable in their proper instructions of exercises suited to your needs and wise for your age, but a delight to be with every session.

We very much look forward to our classes, not only appreciating the help we receive, but also the fun, relaxed atmosphere that exists at their facility. Thank you all very much. We not only are feeling more comfortable, but feel we have made some new, very “special” friends.

Betty Anne & Ray Dresden
My name is Tom Julian. I am 62 years old, have a damaged heart from a 1989 heart attack (supported by a stent, triple by-pass and an AICD), recently retired from 30 years as a computer programmer, own a bowflex and a treadmill, and have never stuck with any exercise routine in my life since cardio rehab in 1989.

My personal interest is to become overall healthier with enough strength and stamina to enjoy retirement years. The staff at Advanced Training Techniques has given me the tools, support, and training to achieve my goal.

I work with their trainers twice a week and have made great progress since April 2009. More than the training, they have provided me with the security of knowing I am in safe hands as they watch intensely for incorrect postures and undue heart stress. Indeed my heart is pumping more efficiently then ever since 1989. In addition they have been instrumental in helping me optimize my eating habits. Least I forget, they also provide an excellent massage therapy service.

I have found a program I have proven I can stick with it, to the amazement and delight of my wife, family and friends who want me around just a little longer. It gives me great confidence to know that with the help of the Advanced Training Techniques staff, my retirement years will be healthy, productive and active.

Tom Julian
Hi, I’m Gary. In January 2009 I contracted a Sciatica condition which affected my right hip down to my right ankle. I was in horrible pain every time I bent over to get something from a bottom drawer or picked up something that fell on the floor. A good friend recommended that I speak to Lisa Medoff, a client of Brent Steepe, to ask advice about how to alleviate my pain. Lisa suggested I speak to Brent immediately and get an evaluation of my condition.

After my initial evaluation by Brent, in the middle of January I started a recovery program of exercise and diet adjustment at Advanced Training. After only two weeks in the program, my pain was gone:not just reduced, gone! I completed the recovery program in 12 weeks, and I have been in a standard exercise program ever since.

Brent and his staff are friendly, patient, highly knowledgeable about human physiology and biomechanics, and, ever since I have been coming to workout, they have encouraged me to strive for a better attitude about myself and my life.

Gary Pace
When I started with Advanced Training Techniques, Inc., I couldn’t do 5 push-ups. Now I can do 50 in a session. I’ve lost inches, and gained definition. I really enjoy the personal attention and direction that I receive from the trainers. I would highly recommend ATT to anyone who wants to make a change for the better in their life.

Barb Holley
After 15 years of foot pain, multiple doctors, medications, injections, orthotics and every kind of shoe imaginable, I happened to meet Brent Steepe and his merry band of trainers at Advanced Training Techniques, Inc. . I started working out with Stephen and then Tara. I’ve never had a trainer who paid such close attention to exactly what I was doing. I was amazed at their knowledge of body mechanics and how their suggestions for subtle adjustments in my posture and technique made such a big difference. I started gaining muscle strength week by week. Then my foot pain flared up. Brent observed one of my workout sessions. After watching me walk around for just a few minutes he was able to discern the problem that had been causing my chronic foot pain. He was able to identify that with each step, I was causing strain on ligaments in my foot. That straining had caused micro-tears in need of healing. I started heat treatments and specific exercises and have eliminated 95% of my pain. I have never met anyone involved in exercise with more expertise and knowledge of the human body and how it works than Brent, Tara and the rest of the crew. I’m continually amazed at their observation of tiny muscle movements showing positive responses or need for correction in technique. I have been active my whole life and now, in the throws of “middle age.” I’m happy to say I’m stronger then I’ve been in a long time. I recognize the importance of building muscle mass especially as we age. I’ve tried several different gyms and one workout space specifically for women. Working out with Advanced Training Techniques tops them all! Thanks to Brent and especially Tara for their expertise, encouragement and commitment to helping me achieve better health and redesigned ME!

I have only had 5 sessions to this point but it's UNBELIEVABLE the improvement that I've made. I'm more aware, I'm happy, my posture is better. Before I came in, I kept falling cause I was dragging my foot and I couldn't quite correct it. I had all kinds of tests, and nowhere I am standing and understanding. It truly is a miracle for me at this time!

Margaret Vaughn
Yes, I started here and I had a very bad balance problem. I could not walk straight; I couldn’t dance; I had to be very careful when I was on or off a boat because I fell down several times. After about 2 ½ months I’m walking much straighter, I don’t get the dizzies like I used to, I can do things I didn’t think I could do before. I have no problem on a rolling boat anymore, and I even danced the other night for the first time in about a year and half or two years, which made my wife very happy.

And I did it for more than one song and it made her even happier. But basically it’s improving my standing and my balance at least 100% already and I’ve still got a ways to go. Thank you.

Mel Tozer
I never really thought it was possible but listen to this:

I have been playing sports all my life, mainly ice hockey (goalie) and softball. I ran into a roadblock in my life where I could no longer do the things I loved because of knee pain. Simply going up and down the stairs was a painful chore. After going to a knee specialist, he verified the worst thing I wanted to hear, bone on bone in both knees. I tried multiple things to make the pain tolerable, cortisone injections and yes even the series of Rooster Comb injections. Needless to say nothing worked, the doc said that I had out-lived my knees and the next step would be a knee replacement. I didn't want to go down that road, I was hoping for another solution. A good friend on my softball team, who was seeing Brent for a softball injury, recommended going to Advance Training Techniques for an evaluation of my knees. When I meet Brent I told him he was my last resort and I asked him if he could help me. He asked me what my goals were, I told him to be able to walk pain free and anything after that would be a bonus. Brent said he could help me but it was going to take some time, in other words it was not going to happen over night. Deep down I wanted to believe him, but you know the saying “if it sounds too good to be is”. Since I had nothing to loose and everything to gain and with no other ideal options I placed my knees in Brent’s extremely knowledgeable care. I had multiple issues to be addressed because of compensating for the pain all these years. I was very bow-legged and I waddled when I walked because of the pain. I began working with Brent and the Advance Training Technique Team approximately a year and a half ago, we have been working on realigning and retraining my body to work the way it should. The road to recovery has been challenging, I have had my highs and lows, but it has all been worth it in the long run. My legs have transformed and they are no longer so bow-legged, Amazing!!! I am now walking pain free and not waddling.........and yes I have also achieved the bonus, I'm running without pain!

Thanks to Advance Training Techniques I am able to do the things I love once ball!

I can feel the BURN!!!! Thank you.

Tracey Daniels
I would like to share my experience at Advanced Training Techniques. Last April, I was having chronic back and neck pain which I was treating with pain patches and anti-inflammatory medications. My son, who is familiar with Brent's work suggested that I schedule an evaluation appointment. After meeting with Brent and setting up a workout schedule we got to work. Within 4-6 weeks, I was medication free and feeling great. In September, I started working out with my 26 year old son. Not too bad for a 60 year old lady. Many thanks to Brent, Ken and the other trainers at Advanced Training Techniques.

My name is Kathy Combs. I heard about Advanced Training Techniques Inc. through my sister, who also has a personal trainer, and my friend, who works for the company. After my first session on May 29, 2009 I noticed a difference in June when I went to Florida, with a friend who lives on the 3rd floor. She can not take the elevators, so we use the stairs, each time. Usually I huff and puff, get out of breath, but this time I did not. I was stronger and felt good.

Kathy Combs
After falling over our chocolate lab and sustaining a comminuted fracture of the 5th metatarsal bone of the right foot, the road to healing and returning to a healthy foot seemed endless!

I started off on crutches, then moved into a removable cast and finally the open toed flat shoe with Velcro straps. My doctor was taking good care of the fracture site by immobilizing the foot to promote healing of the bone although due to having to wear this for an extended period of time I developed additional problems including circulation and numbness issues in the foot and general body aches due to the adjustment in walking with these devices. I realized that I needed help and direction with how to keep the overall foot healthy and regain general body strength which would, in turn, promote quicker healing. I made the decision to get this help with Advanced Training Techniques, Inc. to see if they could improve the “whole picture”.

This was the best decision because not only was Brent capable of helping with the circulation issues, he provided direction and tips on how to improve posture, better ambulate with the healing devices I was wearing, and overcome obstacles that were a part of everyday life in these devices. Even though I am finally in regular shoes I continue to train and work out with Advanced Training Techniques, Inc. because what I learned from this injury experience, as well as their training, is the fact that keeping your body strong, good posture, and overall better health helps avoid injury. Also, given that I am older I appreciate the direction with understanding what an appropriate exercise program should include given that I have back and knee issues.

Thank you Advanced Training Techniques, Inc. – I feel great !!!!!

Sharon Fromm
As a Personal Trainer, I wanted to hire another expert in the field for many reasons: increased energy, motivation to persue my own workouts after helping others all day, assistance with structural problems, and the opportunity to learn more about fitness.

To put it simply, I wanted it all.

My experience with Advanced Training Techniques, Inc. far exceeded all of my expectations. I was soon looking forward to my 2-3 weekly workouts as my trainer greeted me each session full of energy, enthusiasm, and with creative fitness routines.In addition to providing a challenging and fun program, he was able to correct my "calf embarrassment" (one calf was much larger than the other, and shaped totally different) within a matter of weeks. Since two former trainers and a physical therapist had told me there was nothing I could do to correct that situation, I was thrilled to see the balanced, sexy calf muscles of my youth!A weak core, "bad knee", pulled hamstring muscle, and blood pressure issues had been holding me back from going to the next level of fitness, but with ATTI's workouts my weak areas were strengthened, safe exercises were introduced that did not aggravate pre-existing conditions, and movements were added that helped with the healing process. I also took advantage of the company's massage therapist, which helped accelerate my healing as well as invigorate me for the demands of my job.

So I can truthfully tell you that I got it all - and then some. And all of this while training in the convenience of my own home at a great price with a motivational fee structure that really rocks...I couldn't be happier!

Sharon Claye
I meant to tell you, My blood pressure has been excellent. I have been checking it and the last 2 days it was 124/77 and 118/66! I believe it is from you helping me!

Leslie Lucas
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