As fitness levels evolve, there presents unique challenges with definitive needs; those of advanced athletic training methods and concepts to harness the true power of humanity. It is through the constant development and testing that we at Advanced Training Techniques, Inc. bring to you our high-energy results division: XPD.

Cultivated and tested for the last 13 years, this advanced mode of training brings excitement and vitality to the world of fitness. Yet each evolution has an associated cost. The first price to pay occurs on our end.

The Personal Trainers selected for XPD must undergo a skills assessment and evaluation much like that of a practical to ensure competency to lead this high level programming. Athletic nutrition, performance methods, training concepts, and demonstrational ability all provide key elements and must be mastered by the trainer/practitioner.

Whether it is a team goal that you have or an individual need that you must fulfill, we have instructors, former/current athletes and/or coaches to assist you in developing the programs that will take you/your team to the next level. Please contact us regarding your individual situation for a free consultation today!
Our staff is available to Skype you, right from the comfort of your own home. You get the same professional care without having to leave your computer! Click for more information.
ATTI is proud to be the official fitness provider for the Detroit Mechanix of the AUDL!
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